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The Drainvac Edge

Cleaning on the cutting edge
DRAINVAC offers the first vacuum system with a patented automatic drain for both wet and dry cleaning. Drainvac has also developed and marketed a complete range of central vacuums for the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors.

Unbeatable suction
With its water lift going up to 5080mm (H20), DRAINVAC promises superior suction. It’s so strong that DRAINVAC automatic systems can unclog a sink.

No fuss. Just plug the flexible hose into one of the inlets and start cleaning!

DRAINVAC offers one of the world's only central vacuum with such large tanks. The latter are entirely made of polyethylene, with galvanized or stainless steel parts. All these materials are unbreakable and rustproof. Plus, each of DRAINVAC’s vacuum series comes with a complete guarantee.

Installed in a secluded location, our central vacuums are quiet, and some are even soundproof. In fact, some models are as quiet as 58 decibels.

Central vacuums made to measure
It’s a fact: DRAINVAC central vacuums cut cleaning time in half. They’re also easy to use in a variety of different environments. In the domestic milieu, DRAINVAC applications can be installed in condos, apartments, houses, cottages, or even RVs. In the commercial sector, many different kinds of businesses benefit from DRAINVAC’s powerful cleaning technology: office buildings, department stores, hotels and motels, schools, warehouses, restaurants, pet shops, car washes, veterinary clinics, libraries, golf clubs, car dealerships, factories, marinas, cinemas, and theatres.

You can also personalize your DRAINVAC system to better suit your needs


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